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    A-Z Books

    NEW  These books are reprints of the books below but they are not spiral bound as are the original books so they do not lay flat.

    However they do contain the same great information, pictures and instructions but at a lower price.

    NEW     A-Z of Embroidery Stitches

    Superb step-by-step stitch photographs and easy instructions show you everything you need to know about ribbon stitches, wool embroidery, bullions, shadow work, cross stitch and much, much more.
    An invaluable resource for novice needleworkers and experienced stitchers alike!


    NEW     A-Z of Embroiderd Motifs

    From clowns and airships to roses and lavender, this inspiring book is a treasury of bullion designs with clear step-by-step photographs, hints, experts' articles, practical advice and patterns.  Each individual motif is a miniature work of art.


    NEW     A-Z of Stumpwork

    Comprehensive guide to the raised embroidery technique, featuring all the stitches and techniques the needle worker needs to know, with hints tips, 400 clear step by step photographs and 20 beautiful designs.


      Click Here For the Secure Order Page
    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

    Most of these books are out of print. 
    I still have a few in stock but shop early!

    NEW    A-Z of Heirloom Sewing

    Learn the art of Heirloom sewing!

    Whether you are a novice or a professional, the A-Z for Heirloom Sewing offers over 700 step-by-step instructions and colour photographs for different stitches and techniques that imitate the Fine French Hand Sewing techniques using the sewing machine. Topics include:  General Instructions, Garment Care, Entredeux Techniques, Fabric Techniques, Lace Techniques, Handworked edges and Finishes as well as Construction Techniques.  Wow, that's  lot!  It is filled with glorious designs for you to stitch or adapt to suit your own projects.   144 pages

    It's a must-have heirloom sewing guide! 
    Order your copy today.


         A-Z of Crochet

    Whether you're a new crocheter or just want to try new techniques, this must-have resource offers all the know-how you'll ever need.  It will walk you through step-by-step from basic to advanced methods.  Learn the easy way with over 1000 close up photographs featuring real hands holding real yarn.  Fix mistakes, shape garments and find the answers to almost any crochet question.   Softcover book.


       A to Z of Knitting

    This paperback must-have resource offers all the knitting know-how you'll ever need!  With over 1000 close-up photographs featuring real hands holding real yarn and needles, there's no easier way to learn.  Work from beginner's basics through gorgeous Aran, Fair Isle and entrelac and intarsia knitting with easy to understand text and colourful photos.  Add an astounding array of embellishments to your projects with embroidery, beading and much more.  Fix mistakes, care for garments and find answers to almost any knitting question--this book simplifies it all.  Softcover Book


    A-Z of Bead Embroidery

    This easy to use book features more than 30 stunning and versatile projects. With over 440 step-by-step photographs it brings bead embroidery within the reach of any one who can thread a needle. Find out how to work tambour beading, breakpoint, padded beading, how to handle sequins and bugle beads, and so much more. Discover the best tools for the task and learn to identify different beads by their size, shape and finish. Full of fascinating hints and gems of information.


    A-Z of Bullions

    From clowns and airships to roses and lavender this extraordinary book features over 120 bullion designs, 146 step-by-step photographs, hints, expert's articles and patterns. It is full of inspirational ideas and practical advice.


    A-Z of Crewel Embroidery

    This book introduces you to the tradition of Crewel Embroidery and its transformation into an art form that is so popular today. The book is a perfect introduction for beginners and a 'must have' for more experienced embroiderers.

    BE-035...... $59.98

    A-Z of Embroidered Flowers

    The fifth book in the best selling A-Z series, this book offers great instruction for beginners and beyond. It is filled with hundreds of step-by-step colour photographs with easy to follow instructions, hints and a diverse range of designs.

    BE-036...... $59.98


    A-Z of Embroidery Stitches
    A Great Reference Book
    Over 2.5 Million copies of this series has been sold!

    From the publishers of Inspirations magazine, this book is one of the great reference books for embroidery stitches of all time. A complete manual for the beginner through to the advanced embroiderer. Easy to follow instructions, over 1300 step-by-step color photos, and over 140 stitches and stitch variations.


    A-Z of Embroidery Stitches 2
    Broaden you stitch vocabulary!

    More than 145 new stitch techniques are included in this book.  Each one is fully explained with clear step-by-step photographs.  Some stitches include Siennese stitch, Roumanian stitch, Italian insertion and American edging, rope, and ladder.  Some stitches are variations of familiar stitches such as cross stitch - chained, cross stitch - raised, and deerfield herringbone stitch. 
    A wonderful reference book full of information, embroidery stitches and techniques essential to every needleworkers library.


    A-Z of Quilting

    Whether you have never held a needle or have been creating heirlooms for decades, this remarkable book has something for you. It is filled with almost 900 full-color step-by-step photographs that cover every aspect of creating a beautiful and unique quilt.  This book is out of print but I have a couple in stock.

    BE-040....... $39.98

    A-Z of Ribbon Embroidery

    This book is a complete manual for the beginner through to the advanced embroiderer. It contains more than 40 original ribbon designs and over 480 step-by-step colour photographs


    A-Z of Sewing for Smockers

    Let us lead you through every step of turning your gorgeous smocked design into a piece of wearable art or a family heirloom. Packed with easy to follow instruction and fabulous tips from the experts, this book is a must for everyone in love with fabric, smocking or sewing. Over 580 superb step-by- step colour photographs.


    A-Z of Smocking

    Everything you ever wanted or needed to know about smocking is covered in this spiral bound manual for the beginner through advanced smocker. Over 1000 fabulous color photographs are included to guide you step-by-step through the techniques and projects.

    BE-043.......out of stock

    A-Z of Stumpwork

    With its beginnings in seventeenth century England, stumpwork is making a revival today. . Over 400 clear step-by-step photographs and instructions presented in 5 easy to use sections make this book easy to use and easy to follow. 20 stunning designs from around the world.  This book is out of print now but I still have some in stock.


    A-Z of Wool Embroidery

    Perfect for beginners and beyond-easy to follow step by step photographs illustrate the stitches and different techniques. Topics such as fabric, threads, tools, transferring designs and caring for your project complement the stitch instructions. This book provides you not only with the "how to" but also the inspiration and means to create your own beautiful projects.`


    A-Z of Whitework

    Now you can discover the timeless appeal of whitework in its many forms! White on white embroidery creates beauty and interest using both delicate and bold stitches. There are over 1000 step-by-step photographs to teach you the techniques to recreate this beautiful style of embroidery which has inspired needleworkers for centuries. This book includes candlewicking, Mountmellick, cutwork, applique, shadow embroidery and net embroidery as well as useful tips and fascinating historical information.


    A-Z of Goldwork
    with Silk Embroidery

    This fabulous book contains over 540 step-by-step photographs and easy to follow instructions for more than 100 goldwork stitches and techniques.  Colour can be added to your designs using the 15 clearly illustrated silk embroidery stitches.  Detailed information about gold threads and the equipment needed to achieve the most from this fascinating embroidery technique, along with clearly illustrated instructions are included.  As well, 8 original designs are included along with clear instructions, colour diagrams and full size patterns to get you started.  This book is out of print but I have stock.


    You will love this hard cover book. 
    It has coil rings in side so it will lie flat while you are using it.
               Full of wonderful pictures and information.

    A-Z of Sewing
    The ultimate guide to successful sewing!

    Have you ever dreamed of constructing your own designer fashion?  Would you like to create unique clothing and adapt existing patterns?  Do you simply wish to fix a hem or mend a  tear?  The A-Z of Sewing gives both beginner and intermediate sewers the confidence to do all this and more.  Over 620 meticulous step-by-step instructions will help you discover machine and hand sewing techniques from very basic to advanced.  Included are hints and tips from professional sewers on the best equipment supplies to use, how to work with patterns and fabrics plus more.

    BE-049a.............$42.98 - Hardcover

    All of the same great information but in softcover and without the spiral rings.




      Click Here For the Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

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