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         The Diva Custom Cord Maker
    Now available in different combinations

    Making amazing cords has never been easier!
    EASY AS 1-2-3!

    Have you tried "kumihimo", beautiful as it is, it does take time to learn.
    Making cords with this Diva Cord Maker is so easy that children can do it.

    If you can count to 3 then you are on your way to a beautiful cord.

    The cord maker comes with 3 acrylic templates each with a different size hole in the middle. 
    You use the template that is the right diameter for the cord that you want to make.
    You can make cords from very fine to cords made from strips of fabric. 
    What a great way to be able to match whatever you need.

    I have had so much fun with my Diva Cord Maker and I know that you will too!

    diva cord maker with threads
    Some Ideas

    You can make cords for:

    • purse handles
    • necklaces
    • pillow edgings
    • tassels
    • quilts
    • buttons
    • eyeglass holders
    • bracelets
    • Frog Fasteners
    • tassels
    • scrapbooking
    • hair trims
    • kid's friendship bracelets
    • luggage
    • and more...


    bag necklace

    Diva Kits Available

    Diva Cord Maker 100

    3 acrylic templates 1/4". 1/2" and 1"
    8 small bobbins
    8 large bobbins
    Tension clip
    Full instructions

    This kit will allow you to make cords as small as sewing thread and as large as fabric purse handles and beaded jewelry up to 7/8" in diameter.


    Not available at this time.

    Diva Cord Maker 200


    One 1/2" loom
    8 Small Bobbins
    1 Tension Clip
    Full Instructions

    This kit will allow you to make medium sized cords using 1/4' fabric up to 3 strands of seed beads and medium weight yarns.


    Not available at this time

    Diva Cord Maker 300


    One 1/4" loom
    8 Small Bobbins
    1 Tension Clip
    Full Instructions

    This kit will allow you to make medium sized cords using 1/4' fabric up to 3 strands of seed beads and medium weight yarns.


    In stock

    Same as above only the hole in the
    centre is only 1/4" in diameter.

    Diva Cord Maker Extra Large 500
    Purse Kit


    One loom - 1 1/2" diameter
    8 Large Bobbins
    1 Tension Clip
    Full Instructions

    This kit will allow you to make purse handles using fabric strips, bulky yarns and make large beaded jewelry.


    In stock

    The Diva Custom Cordmaker Kid's Kit

    The Perfect Size for Small Hands

    1 Loom with 1/4" center hole
    8 small bobbins
    1 skein of floss
    1 tension clip
    Full Instructions

    Great for friendship bracelets and hair ornaments.

    Assorted kits - no choice.

    More Information

    Everything you need to get started comes in the kit
    except your threads, fibers, or yarns, etc.

    To use:           

    • You need 7 lengths of yarn, fibers, threads - depending upon your desired outcome.
    • You use 7 bobbins and wind each bobbin with your length of fiber--you need 1 1/2 to 2 times your desired
      finished length of each fiber. 
    • Leave about 5-6"  unwound & tie the group of fibers together in a knot.  Insert the knot through the hole of the disk that isthe correct size for your fibers and then clamp the tension clip to the knot.  This serves as a weight to hold the threads downward. 
    • Turn the disk over and insert the fibers into each slot with one left empty.
    • One more thing, place that elastic band that comes in the kit around your wrist.  You will see why later.
    • Now you are ready to start cording. Always hold the disk with the empty slot toward you. Count 3 slots to the right if you are right handed (left if you are left handed) pick up that fiber and place it in the empty slot.
    • Turn the disk so the empty slot is toward you and repeat.
    • It can't be easier than that!  It works up very quickly--depending upon the diameter of your threads.
    • If the phone rings or if you have to set it down, use that elastic band and wrap it around the threads-
      -then they will stay in place. 
    • There is no problem picking it up again wondering where to start as you
      always start with the empty slot pointing towards you.
    Easy as 1-2-3!

    Hand Dyed Satin Braiding Cord

    Rayon over a Cotton Core

    Each package is 1 piece that is 12 yards long.

    Satin Cord

    Satin Cord

    Satin Cord

    Satin Cord

    Satin Cord
    Satin Cord

    Satin Cord
    Satin Cord
    Satin Cord
    TC-38....out of stock

    Satin Cord
    TC-43....out of stock

    Satin Cord
    Satin Cord
    TC-8 ....$13.98
    Satin Cord
    TC-1 ....$13.98
    Satin Cord
    TC-52....out of stock

    12 Yards Satin Cord

    4 Colours x 3 yards


    Satin Cord

    Satin Cord
    Satin Cord

    In each bundle below there is a mix of synthetic and natural
    (alpaca, wool, bamboo, etc) dyed fibers. 
    Each bundle totals about 20m in length with each piece measuring about 2m
    I have tried to show the strands at the end of the image.

    There may be some variation from skein to skein in the same palette.

    Fibers - 7.........$12.98

    More Fiber Bundles

    Approx 15 2-yard assorted fibers


    Greens with a hint of blue







    Hand Dyed Ribbons

    20 yards of Mixed Textures, all Hand Dyed--Gorgeous!
    20 one yard strands

    These are `delicious`

    TB-207........out of stock

    Secure Online Order Page
    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.