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    Sewing Machine Feet
    Page 2

    Roller Foot

    Use to evenly feed fabric through your machine. Handles napped or slippery fabrics such as silk, leather, velvet, vinyl, velveteen, corduroy etc. with ease. The metal roller will not imprint the fabric.
    NF-045... High Shank ... $8.50
    NF-046... Low Shank .... $8.50
    NF-047... Slant Shank ... $8.50

    Blindstitch/Edgestitch Foot

    Use this foot for perfectly accurate topstitching or edgestitching. Special adjustable guide prevents fabric from slipping or moving around. This foot is especially good around collars and on yokes.

    NF-009..High Shank .. $11.98
    NF-010..Low Shank ... $11.98
    NF-011..Slant Shank .. $11.98 Clearance $8.98

    Overcast Guide Foot

    Overcast on fabric edges with a smooth, non-puckering stitch. Use with a zigzag machine to sew beautiful overcast edges on both knits and wovens. The built in stitch finger keeps the edge of the fabric from rolling in.
    NF-037 High Shank ... $9.98
    NF-039 Slant Shank ... $9.98

    Invisible Zipper Foot

    The secret to inserting a concealed or"invisible" zipper lies in stitching as close as possible to the zipper teeth without catching them. That’s hard to do because the zipper coil wants to roll over the tape just where you want to stitch. This foot has grooves underneath that keep the coil away from the needle for close, accurate stitching.
    NF-017...High Shank ... $15.98
    metal shank and acrylic foot for better visiblity
    NF-018... Low Shank .... $15.98
    metal shank & acrylic foot -
    NF-019.. Slant Shank ... $10.98
    all acrylic
    NF-016...Low Shank Adjustable.....$19.98
    NF-049...High Shank Adjustable....$19.98

    NF-016 Adjustable

    Fringe/Tailor Tacker Foot

    The projection in the centre of the foot on the Tailor Tacker or fagotting foot causes the thread to hop over it, making a very long stitch with loops on the upper surface. The fabric layers can be spread apart and the threads snipped between them. The threads in both pieces of fabric now serve to mark pattern details. Also useful to do machine faggotting, fringing and chenille appliqué.

    NF-054... Slant Shank ... $17.98...All acrylic      
    Clearance:   $5.00 each
    NF-052...For Janome,/New Home Memory Craft 8000......$21.98

    Edge Joining/Lace Joining Foot

    This foot is useful for joining two edges that need to be butted together and sewn, as in the case when joining laces in heirloom sewing. The middle projection keeps the two edges from overlapping.  All Metal
    NF-031... High Shank ... $27.98
    NF-032... Low Shank .... $27.98

    NF-033... Slant Shank ... $23.50
      Clearance  $15.98

    Free Motion Foot

    For free-motion embroidery (try it - it’s fun!) or Stippling in Machine Quilting you need a free motion foot. The open area of the foot offers excellent visibility and the size of the contact area gives you more surface contact with your fabric.
    NF-068 High Shank .. $14.98
    metal and acrylic
    NF-069 Low Shank ... $14.98 as pictured - metal and acrylic


    Free Motion Guide Foot

    This large, transparent plate is marked with 1/4" and 1/8" guidelines for excellent visibility and accuracy when free-motion quilting and embroidering.

    For all Low Shank Machines

    NF-076...Low Shank.......$25.98

    Free Motion Guide Foot

    Clear Acrylic with a metal ankle.
    For all Low Shank Machines

    NF-075.....Low Shank...........$16.98

    1/4 "Patchwork Foot

    This wonderful foot has a guide to run along the outside edge of the fabric or anytime you want to be 1/4" away.
    It also has a guide on the foot for making perfect corners.
    NF-048.......Low Shank.....$29.98

    1/4 "Patchwork Foot with Guide

    The center needle position is 1/4" from the right edge for 1/4" seam allowance.  The center needle position is 1/8" from the left edge.  The foot is marked by lines in front and in back of the needle hole position as a reference for starting and stopping with precision.
    NF-004 High Shank ... $23.98 all metal   Sale $17.98
    NF-005 Low Shank .... $19.98 acrylic foot with metal shank and guide
    NF-006 Slant Shank ... $23.98 all metal 

    1/4" Quilting Foot with Guide

    The center needle position is 1/4" from the right edge for a 1/4" seam allowance.  The center needle position is 1/8" from the left edge. If you wish to do quilting up to 3 1/4", simply insert the metal quilting bar included with foot.  The foot is marked by the red lines in front and in back of the needle hole position as a reference for starting and stopping.
    NF-106...Slant Shank....$20.00  Clearance:  $14.98

    Spring Needle for Quilting and Darning

    An attached spring eliminates the need for a presser foot when the feed dogs are dropped for free motion quilting.  Can be used with any machine.
    NF-091....Size 70 Universal........$4.98
    NF-092....Size 80 Universal........$4.98
    NF-093....Size 90 Universal........$4.98
    NF-094....Size 90 Embroidery.....$5.98
    NF-095....Size 75 Quilting...........$5.98
    NF-097....Size 90 Quilting...........$5.98
    NF-115....Size 75 Stretch............$5.98

    Flower Stitch Foot

    Even if you don’t have a fancy embroidery foot (or even if you do!) you will love the way this fancy ringer foot produces unlimited flower shapes just by adjusting the dial and varying the thread type. Any low shank machine can use this foot even a straight stitch, because the foot turns the fabric, not the needle bar.  Comes with complete directions.
    NF-109.....Low Shank.....$24.98

    Bernina Zip Foot #4

    Indispensable for sewing in zippers or any time you need to sew close to a bulky area e.g. sewing in piping.
    NF-090.....$49.98....on sale for $ only

    High Low adaptor

    Use this high (machine) to low (foot) adapter to adapt ALL the low-shank feet for use on your Kenmore high-shank machine. The world of generic low-shank feet is at your fingertips with the exception of the walking foot and the free motion feet.  Includes set screw.
    NF-088 ... $19.98

    Super Hi-Low Adaptor for Kenmore Super High Shank Machines

    Your Super Kenmore (158 series) and Jaguar machines can now accept low-shank feet with this adapter. Works with all low shank feet except those that require a needle screw like the free motion foot and the walking foot. This is a great way to be able to purchase a large assortment of feet. Instead of using the free motion foot, you can use the Spring Needle for Quilting and Darning, listed above.
    NF-089 ... $25.98

    Brother Adaptor

    This adapter fits the Brother PC8500 and ULT series so that low-shank feet can be used with the exception of any feet that required the needle screw to function e.g. walking foot.  Instead of using the free motion foot, you can use the Spring Needle for Quilting and Darning, listed above.


    Bernina Adaptor

    Use this Bernina-manufactured adapter foot to convert any low-shank feet to fit your older models 530 through 1630. Note that it does not adapt the 1630 or the new Artista series. Set screw included.

    NF-086 ... $29.98



    Bernina Classic Adaptor

    This adapter fits all classic models such as Activa, Aurora, Virtuoso and Artista to convert the machine to be able to use low shank feet. Includes all models 130 through 180.



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