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    Heirloom Sewing Instructional DVDS

    Like having your own personal teacher whenever you want!

    Beginning Heirloom Sewing by Machine DVD
    with Martha Pullen

    Mastering the basics of heirloom sewing will be clear and easy as you learn how to use the sewing machine to combine laces with entredeux and fabric, how to select and apply specialty stitches that add an heirloom finish, and how to take flat fabric to enticing levels of 3-D artistry. 

    DVD-001........sold out

    Heirloom Sewing by Serger DVD
    with Martha Pullen

    Learn how to take your serger to a new level with skills that will allow you to make beautiful heirloom creations with lace but faster than with just your sewing machine.

    DVD-002........sold out

    Shadow Work Embroidery
    with Wendy Schoen

    The art of shadow work embroidery is reveled in this DVD with step-by-step instructions.  You will learn to work the simplest of shapes to the more intricate designs.  This charming embellishment will surely become a favourite.

    DVD-003........sold out

    Basic Heirloom Embroidery DVD
    with Wendy Schoen

    This DVD will take you through the very basics of hand embroidery so you have the foundation for a variety of hand stitches.  You will enjoy learning about the correct supplies and methods for working several classic stitches.


    Lace Shaping DVD
    with Martha Pullen

    This DVD includes detailed explanations about lace shaping, fabric preparation and machine heirloom stitching techniques used for creating beautiful shaped lace projects.


    Pleating DVD
    with Martha Pullen and Dody Baker

    This DVD covers the parts of the pleater, the mechanics of the pleater and how to pleat various fabrics and styles of garments including bishops, overlays, plaids and using elastic thread.


    Smocking DVD
    with Martha Pullen &
    Dody Baker

    This DVD will take you from the very basics of smocking through a variety of smocking stitches to picture smocking and machine smocking.

    DVD-007........sold out

    Add a Little Smocking DVD
    with Lezette Thomason

    Take patterns to new horizons of style with Lezette’s creative step-by-step instructions. Using simple tools and supplies, she shows how to alter plain patterns to add fashionable smocking or pleats. Following her timesaving tricks for magic bindings and bishop collars will give your garments a designer finish.



    Madeira Appliqué DVD
    with Martha Pullen

    Learn the secrets to magic Madeira Appliqué using wash away basting thread. Discover which supplies are needed, how to prepare the fabric and the variety of machine stitches that will add the finishing touch to your appliqué. See how it can be applied to create shaped hems and borders, windows, frames and motifs. Madeira Appliqué is not only magic, it is so easy!

    DVD-009........sold out

    Perfect Peter Pan Collars DVD
    with Lezette Thomason

    Peter Pan collar perfection can be yours in every garment! Simply follow Lezette Thomason’s step-by-step instructions for construction and placement of four different collar variations while taking advantage of the magic tricks she demonstrates throughout her lessons, and your collars will be perfect every time. Lezette has included simple garment alterations and provides Elizabeth Travis Johnson’s Boo-Boo collar technique, so no one will ever know if your quest for a perfect Peter Pan collar took an unexpected detour. You will be perfectly inspired as Lezette shares her collection of garments for girls and boys, each with a classic Peter Pan collar.


    Out of stock


    Sewing with Whimsy DVD
    with Kari Mecca

    Kari Mecca and whimsy go togeter as naturally as hot fudge and ice cream or peanut butter and jelly. It’s hard to imagine one without the other. And now you can pair your copy of Kari’s book, Sewing with Whimsy, with an inspiring instructional DVD with a title that leaves no room for confusion.

    The new Sewing with Whimsy DVD brings all the benefits of Kari’s sought-after teaching style to your sewing room. You’ll be able to watch and listen as Kari shows you how to duplicate the trims and fabric techniques that consistently put her garments on the cover of Sew Beautiful magazine and make her a popular teacher at the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion. Step-by-step instructions come alive through Kari’s voice and hands as rickrack and ribbon flowers bud and blossom before your eyes. You’ll learn Kari’s secrets for contrasting hem bands, mitered and layered trims, using your sewing machine’s ruffler foot for gathering and adding the sparkle of beads. Kari’s sewing artistry abounds from beginning to end, and her fanciful designs will leave you completely enchanted!

    DVD-011........sorry sold out

    More Sewing with Whimsy DVD
    with Kari Mecca

    Kari encourages you to sprout wings of creativity and then you will soon be ready to fly away to the Land of Whimsy and gather your own garden of embellishments. 

    Watch and learn how she makes a garden of beautiful flowers magically appear while whirling and twirling with the whimsy sticks, ribbons and trims.  Then set off to create your own magical garden of flowers.

    Kari gives great directions and shows you step by step how to create these wonderful embellishments.
    You will want to get started creating your own right away!



    Click for Whimsy sticks

    Silk Ribbon Embroidery by Hand 1

    Come, sit beside Beverley as she teaches the basics of silk ribbon embroidery.  You will learn the basic stitches and how to turn these stitches into beautiful bouquets of flowers


    Silk Ribbon Embroidery by Hand 2

    Beverley teaches you how to make more flowers as well as tiny creatures.


    Embellishing Crazy Patch 1

    Learn crazy patch block foundation piecing and four different embellishing stitch themes with multiple variations.


    Out of stock

    Embellishing Crazy Patch 2

    Create wonderful texture in your projects as you learn Gloria's over dying technique and tips for bead and button embellishment.



    Bullion Whimsies
    by Kari Mecca

    Learn to create flowers, fairies and a whole kingdom of creatures as a result of the easy to follow steps for wrapping strands of floss around the needle.  Join Kari as she guides you to her favorite tools while learning the simple rules to create the much admired basic bullion.  Before long you will be making the stripe, looped and coiled bullions and more.



    Exquisite Construction Techniques
    with Lezette Thomason

    Lezette is the owner and founder of the clothing business Children's Corner and is a highly respected sewing teacher.  You can have her expertise in your own home through this DVD.

    Topics included are lined garment armholes, side seams and hems; scallop embellishments; inverted box pleat placket; ruffles and ruching; easy pattern alterations; and ends with sewing inspirations for a whole wardrobe of garment possibilities.

    A wonderful DVD!



    Heirloom Embroidery II
    With Wendy Schoen

    Expand your repertoire of hand embroidery stitches as Wendy shares 8 new lessons from her heirloom expertise. She introduces each stitch with finished garments and demonstrates every technique in the stitch with close up photography so you can see the precise movement of the needle and thread.  Included are Point de Paris, Applique Cord, Cast-on stitch, Hemstitching, Ladder Hemstitching, Shadow Hemstitching, Double and Triple Feather Stitch, and Handmade Buttonhole



    Construction Techniques Made Easy
    With Connie Palmer

    If you've ever struggled with plackets that pucker, collars that need a little something extra or bias bands that wrinkle, then you will find this DVD with Connie Palmer, a welcome addition to your library.  You will learn about the must-have tools as well as Connie's rules that will give you the success that you are looking for.  Connie guarantees that her techniques are fool-proof and you'll see how easy they are even for the novice sewist. 



    Bishop Dress Construction
    With Connie Palmer

    Smocked bishop dresses are one of the most beloved heirloom garments of all times! 

    Connie's construction methods are easy and give your dress a professional look.  You will use this DVD over and over to review perfect neckband, plackets, inserting elastic loops, a variety of sleeve finishes and much more.
    Classic children's clothing never goes out of style and sweet bishop dresses are a must-have for every girl's wardrobe.

    DVD-031......out of stock

    Yoke Dress Construction
    with Connie Palmer

    From Christening dresses to play clothes, to Easter dresses to doll dresses, the yoke dress is probably the most versatile type garment in heirloom sewing.  There are so many variations

    Connie shares techniques with you so that you too can have a perfectly sewn yoke dress.  Included are perfect piping, how to create and attach beautiful collars, many sleeve variations, and much more. 

    DVD-032......... Out of stock

    Know Your Stabilizer
    for Perfect Embroidery

    When should I use a tear-away stabilizer
    as opposed to a cut-away?
    Can't I always use a wash-away?
    Why should I use a topper?

    With so many stabilizing options today, matching the right stabilizer with your fabric


    Serger Basics

    Here is a classroom for everyone from the novice serger user who needs to learn to thread their machine to the seasoned serger user who wants to expand the ways they use their serger and all of the attachments.  You'll not only learn valuable stitching techniques but the uses for several different serger feet will be explained in detail and demonstrated with close up photography.


    out of stock


    Notions You Can't Sew Without

    Connie Palmer is the "Notions Queen" of the sewing industry. 
    Notions's make sewing easier and more importantly--much more fun.
    Knowing how to use these time saving notions makes one feel like a magician since all the tasks suddenly become easy right before your eyes. 
    The right tool for the right job are so critical for sewing pleasure.


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