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    Sewing Machine Needles

    Gone are the days of using only 1 type of sewing machine needle for all of your tasks. 
    Today with so many different types of fabrics and threads, it is important to know which needle will give you the best result to prevent shredded threads, skipped stitches, and in general poor quality stitching.

    ``Needle selection can make or break your stitch!`

    Let`s take a look at the parts of a sewing machine needle
    Shank  - is the base of the needle which is inserted into the sewing machine.  All domestic sewing machines use needles that have a flat side.
    Shaft or Blade is the rest of the needle from the bottom of the shank to the tip.  The size of the needle is determined by the diameter of the shaft/blade.
    Scarf is the indentation on the back of the needle just above the eyed.  This allows the hook on the bobbin case to get close to the eye to catch the thread so a stitch is formed.
    Long Groove is the channel where the thread sits as the needle passes through the fabric.  The shape and depth of the groove varies with different types of needles
    Eye - is the hole in the blade which allows the thread to pass through the needle.  The size and shape of the eye varies with the size and type of needle.  The eye must be large enough to allow the thread to flow through.
    Point - is the end of the needle which pierces the fabric making the hole for the threaded needle.  Needles have different shaped points depending upon its use.

    Some Important Tips on Sewing Machine Needles

    • Avoid sewing over pins as they can take the point off the needle
    • Always keep a good selection of different kinds of needles in different sizes on hand. 
      There is nothing more frustrating than being ready to sew, only to find that you do not
      have a suitable sewing machine needle.
    • Include the right sewing machine needle in your list of needle supplies when
      purchasing items for a project.
    • Change your needle every 6 to 8 hours of sewing or at the start of each
      new project or whenever you encounter poor stitching quality.
    • Thread breakage may be due to a dull needle or one with a burr.
    • Bent needles may break or cause skipped stitches.
      So when was the last time you changed your sewing machine needle?
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    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

    New              Chrome Professional Grade Needles by Schmetz
    Take a look!

    Universal Needles

    • For all general sewing of most woven and knit materials.
    • For use in all household sewing machine brands and types for which needles with a flat shank are required.
    • Has a slightly rounded but sharp point.
    • Can be used on wovens and fine knits.
    • All packages have 5 needles

      NN-299 Assorted.........$7.98 - 10 pack

      Packages of needles below are 5 packs.
      NN-300 Size 60/8.........$4.35  - use for fine fabrics & delicate heirloom sewing
      NN-301 Size 70/10.......$4.35 - also suitable for fine fabrics
      NN-302 Size 80/12.......$4.35 - for medium weight fabrics
      NN-303 Size 90/14.......$4.35 - for medium weight fabrics
      NN-304 Size 100/16.....$4.35 - for heavy weight fabrics
      NN-305 Size 110/18.....$4.35 - for upholstery type fabrics
      NN-306 Assorted.........$4.35 - 5 pack

    Ball Point Needles (Jersey Needles)

    The point is more rounded than the universal needles so the needle slides between the yarn of knit fabric rather than piercing it.  This eliminates damage to the knit fabric.  Use on coarse knits, interlock knits and knits that tend to run if snagged.  5 needles per package

    NN-307 Size 70/10.......$4.65
    NN-308 Size 80/12.......$4.65
    NN-310 Size 100/16.....$4.65
    NN-310a Assorted........$4.65

    Picture of package of ball point needles

    Click for larger image

    Stretch Needles

    The medium ball point, specially designed eye, and scarf help reduce skipped stitches on synthetic suedes, elastic knitwear, and stretch fabrics. The special construction prevents skipped stitches. Five (5) needles per card.
    Remember to stretch the fabric as you sew to allow for the give in your seam.
    This needle also works well on fleece and faux fur.

    NN-311 Size 75/11.............$6.75
    NN-312 Size 90/14.............$6.75

    Embroidery Needles

    The special scarf, long smooth groove, and enlarged eye protect fragile threads and guard against excess friction allowing trouble-free embroidery. For use with rayon and specialty machine embroidery thread. Five (5) needles per card

    NN-315 Assorted.......$6.50...3 of 75, 2 of 90

    Gold Embroidery Needles

    The slightly rounded point works well for embroider on most fabrics.  This needle has an enlarged eye to accommodate the most fragile specialty threads.  The titanium coated resists adhesives, improves needle wear and penetration of coarse and densely woven fabrics. Five (5) needles per card.

    NN-353 Size 75/11.........$6.98
    NN-354 Size 90/14.........$6.98
    NN-355 Size 80/12..........$6.98


    Microtex Needles (Sharp Needles)

    The very slim acute point perfectly pierces fine densely woven microfiber fabrics and synthetic leather. Creates beautiful topstitching and edge stitching on silk and microfiber fabrics. Five (5) needles per card.

    NN-316 Assorted.........$4.98
    NN-318 Size 90/14......$4.98

    Metallic Needles

    These needles feature elongated eyes that make them perfect for sewing metallic and other specialty threads.   The elongated eye prevents shredding and breaking of metallic threads.
    Five(5) needles per card .

    NN-352 Size 90/14......$7.98

    Twin Metallic Needles

              NN-349 Size 2.5/80.....$7.98


    Topstitching Needles

    An extra sharp needle with an extra large eye and a large groove to accommodate topstitch thread. Should be used where a larger eye size is beneficial. The very long eye makes this needle perfect for all types of decorative sewing when using heavy or multiple or lesser quality threads. Five (5) needles per card.

    NN-319 Size 80/12......$7.98
    NN-320 Size 90/14......$7.98

    Superior Titanium Coated Topstitching Needles

    Titanium needles have been available for the long arm and industrial machines for sometime. These are the first titanium coated topstitch needles for the home machine.
    An ultra thin coating of titanium nitride is applied to the needles so the needles stay sharp longer outlasting other topstitch needles.
    They are recommended for Piecing, Quilting, Embroidery, Applique and Construction.
    These needles accommodate all types of threads including metallics as they have a larger eye and deeper grooves.

    Some refer to this needle as the "Magic" needle.
    They do make a difference to your sewing experience!

    NN-451....Size 70/10....for quilting, applique & embroidery using very fine threads - 60 to 100 wt.........$9.98
    NN-452....Size 80/12....for piecing, applique and sewing using fine threads - 50 wt................................$9.98
    NN-453....Size 90/14....for quilting and embroidery using medium threads - 40 wt.................................$9.98




    Jeans/Denim Needles

    The modified medium ball point and a reinforced blade makes this needle perfect for penetrating extra thick woven fabrics, denims, imitation leather or quilts with minimum deflection and reduced risk of damaged fabric and skipped stitches. This advanced point design is a Schmetz exclusive. Five (5) needles per card.

    NN-321  Size 80/12.......$5.98
    NN-322  Size 90/14.......$5.98
    NN-323  Size 100/16.....$5.98
    NN-324  Size 110/18.....$5.98

    Leather Needles

    The cutting point allows perfect penetration of leather, artificial leather, and similar materials. Do not use on knit or woven fabrics. Five (5) needles per card.

    NN-328 Size 70/10 ....$7.75
    NN-356 Assorted.......$7.75 (2 size 80, 2 size 90 1 size 100)

    Schmetz leather needles
    Click for larger image

    Quilting Needles

    The slim acute point and tapered tip perfectly pierces tightly woven quilt fabrics. Prevents damage to the sensitive, expensive materials used in quilting. Made for piercing and machine quilting. Five (5) needles per card.

    NN-332 Assorted .$6.98 (3 size 75 and 2 size 90)

    Double Eye Needles

    Two eyes allow unique dual thread decorative sewing. The universal needle point enables sewing on both woven and knit fabrics. Use for embroidery and topstitching with decorative threads. Size 80/12. Five (5) needles per card.

    NN-333 Size 80/12...... $6.98

    Wing Hemstitch Needles

    The wing on each side of the needle creates decorative open work on light or medium weight woven fabrics. Use for heirloom sewing and decorative cutwork. One (1) needle per card.

    NN-327 Size 100/16.....$4.65

    Self-Thread (Handicap Needles)

    This is a Universal Needle with a small slip-in threading slot in the eye to make threading effortless. These needles are also commonly referred to as Handicap Needles. Five (5) needles per card.

    NN-325   80/12......$6.98
    NN-326   90/14......$6.98

    Universal Spring Needles

    The spring needle has a wire spring above the point so fabric will not ride up onto the needle when the presser foot is removed and feed dogs are dropped for free motion quilting.

    NF-091....Size 70 Universal...............$6.50
    NF-092....Size 80 Universal...............$6.50
    NF-093....Size 90 Universal...............$6.50

    Machine Embroidery Spring Needles

    This needle is wonderful for free-hand machine embroidery or monogramming in a hoop without a foot.

             NF-094....Size 80 Embroidery....$6.98

    Universal Spring Needles for Quilting

             NF-095....Size 75 Quilting.........$6.98
             NF-097....Size 90 Quilting........$6.98

    Stretch Spring Needle

    NF-115....Size 75 Stretch.....$6.98- only 1 in stock

    Picture of a sprng needle


    Click Here For the Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

    What are Twin Needles?

    • Twin needles are constructed with two needles mounted on a cross bar from a single shaft.
    • They can be used with zig zag sewing machines that thread from front to back only.
    • Sews two rows of stitching at the same time producing perfect parallel rows.
    • There are 2 numbers with each needle.  e.g. 2.0/80 The 2.0 is the distance in mm between the two needles and the 80 is the needle size. 
    • Care must be taken that your presser foot and the throat plate will accommodate the width of the needles even when straight stitching.  Always check slowly by using the hand wheel to see if the needles clear the presser foot and the throat plate.
    • Uses:  pintucking, heirloom sewing, decorative topstitching, hemming and more.

    Twin Needle

    Constructed with two needles on a cross bar from a single shaft. Can be used with zig zag sewing machines that thread front to back. Sews two rows of stitching at the same time. One (1) needle per card.

    NN-340 Size 1.6/80.....$4.98
    NN-341 Size 2.0/80.....$4.98
    NN-342 Size 2.5/80.....$4.98
    NN-343 Size 3.0/90.....$4.98
    NN-344 Size 4.0/80.....$4.98
    NN-345 Size 4.0/90.....$4.98
    NN-346 Size 4.0/100...$4.98

    Twin Stretch

    For synthetic suedes and elastic knitwear. Constructed with two needles on a cross bar from a single shaft. Sews two rows of decorative stitching at the same time. One (1) needle per card.

    NN-334 Size 2.5/75....$7.98

    Double Hemstitching Needles

    One wing needle and one regular needle on a cross bar from a single shaft. For decorative stitching on tightly woven fabrics. One (1) needle per card.

    NN-350 Size 100....$7.98

    Twin Embroidery Needles

    For use with rayon and specialty machine embroidery thread. Constructed with two needles on a cross bar from a single shaft. Sews two rows of decorative stitching at the same time. One (1) needle per card.

    NN-348 Size 3.0/75......$6.98

    Triple Needles(Drilling)

    Constructed with three needles on a cross bar from a single shaft. Sews three rows of decorative stitching at the same time. One (1) needle per card

    NN-337 2.5/80.......$6.98
    NN-338 3.0/80.......$6.98

    Click Here For the Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.