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    Sashiko Samplers

    These Sashiko samplers are pre-printed with "wash-out" stitching lines. The fabric is 100% cotton. One 13" square is pre-printed with the design while the other half is plain. These Sashiko squares have been used many ways including stitching the 2 layers together or making a pillow using the pre-printed side for the top and the plain piece for the back. Another idea is to use a different fabric for the back and design your own Sashiko on the plain piece. Let me know if you have more ideas.

    Here is a picture of my Sashiko pillow made from this
    sampler #212. It is also available in white--sampler #12.
    I sell the fine piping, already covered and ready to use at $1.75/yard--it takes 1 1/2 yards.
    The completed pillow form is 12" square.

    Fun and easy to do!!!

    The following kits are available in white and navy. I try to keep a good stock on hand but they do come from Japan so sometimes I run low. There are no instructions but none are really needed. There is a dotted line that you follow where you come up and go down. The Sashiko thread is very soft and loosely twisted so you need to work with about 18" pieces. A long needle is best for straight lines and and short needle for curves. Two Sashiko needles come in a package. A needle grabber is also very helpful.

    Sashiko Accessories

    Sashiko Threads

    Click Here For the Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

    Navy and Colours are $14.98 each

    White are $12.98 each

    Mt. Fuji & Sakura
    New   KSS-1012 white

    New KSS-1013 white
    KSS-2013 Navy

    New    KSS-1014 white
    KSS-2014 Navy
    Each repeat is
    approx. 2 3/8"

    New   KSS-1015 white

    KSS-2015 navy

    New    KSS-1016 white
    KSS-2016 navy
    out of stock

    Larger Image

    Each repeat is approx 7/16"
    Use fine or medium
    weight thread

    New      KSS-1017 white
    KSS-2017 Navy

    Larger Image

    Each repeat is approx 7/16"
    Use fine or medium
    weight thread

    Horse & Tobi-Asa-no-Ha
    KSS-2011 navy


    Toir & Syo-Chiku-Bai
    KSS-1027 White

    Nowkai - Blowing Pampas Grass
    KSS-201 is navy
    out of stock
    KSS-001 is white

    KSS-202 is navy
    out of stock

    KSS-002 is white

    KSS-203 is navy
    Shippo 7 Treasures of Japan
    KSS-003 is white
    KSS-204 in navy

    KSS-004 is white


    KSS-205 is navy

        KSS-005 is white

    KSS-206 in navy
    Hemp Leaf
    KSS-006 is white

    KSS-207 in navy

    KSS-007 is white

    KSS-208 in navy

    KSS-008 is white

    KSS-209 in navy
    Out of stock

    KSS-009 is white

    Tobi asa-no-ha
    KSS-210 in navy
    Hemp leaf
    KSS-010 is white

    KSS-211 in navy
    out of stock

    KSS-011 is white

    KSS-212 in navy

    KSS-012 is white

    KSS-040 in white

    KSS-240 in Navy

    Cherry Blossom
    KSS-058 in white
    KSS-358 in pink

    Ume & Maru-shippo
    KSS-079 in white

    Kikyo & Hanazashi
    #80 in white
    KSS-280 in navy 
    Tsubaki & Tobiasa-no-ha
    #81 in white
    KSS-281 in navy

    KSS-981 in black
    Nejiri-ume & Asa-no-ha
    KSS-082 in white
    KSS-282 in navy

    Kara-hana & Kasumi-tsunagi
    KSS-083 in white
    KSS-283 in navy 

    KSS-783 in light purple

        New Kanzashi & Comb
    KSS-086 in white

    New   Grapes & Squirrel

    KSS-787 in light purple

    New   Sakura & Temari
    KSS-089 in white
    KSS-389 in Pin
    New   Usagi & Seikaiha

    KSS-390 in navy

    New Hanmaru-tsunagi


    Navy and Colours are $14.98 each

    White are $12.98 each

    Click Here For the Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.