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    Satin Fabric
    Covered Boxes
    satin covered boxes

    This range of satin-covered and lined boxes make it so easy for you to create special gifts and keepsakes! Simply embroider or paint fabric of your choice. Then simply cover the removable, padded lid insert and replace into box lid. A range of sizes and colours, at most affordable prices are shown below.

    The Satin covered boxes are available
    in 4 colours

    Burgundy -sold out
    The satin covered boxes are available in:

    Large Oval Box-
    14 x 10.5x 6.5cm

    Small Oval Box-
    9 x 7x 4.5cm

    Large Round Box-
    13cm diameter by 6.5 cm

    Small Round Box-
    9cm diameter by 4.5cm
    They are also available as a jewellery box with fitted compartments inside.
    17.5 x 10.5 x 6.5cm.
    Here are some ways to decorate the top of these lovely satin covered boxes
    Crazy Quilt
    Finishing Hints

    Using a double strand of strong thread, work a double row of tacking stitches approximately 1/2" from the outside boundary. Place embroidery face down onto a clean gentle surface e.g. a towel. Remove the lid insert from the box. Place it face down and centre it on your embroidery. Use the tails of your tacking stitches to gather in the tacking stitches, smoothing and evening as necessary, until the embroidered fabric is closed firmly over the lid insert. Use a double knot to tie the ends of the thread together. Glue or silicone the lid insert into the box top.
      Gold Black Blue
    Small Oval
    Large Oval
    Small Round
    Large Round

    Small Round and Small Oval $15.98 each
    Large Round and Large Oval $24.98 each
    Jewellery Boxes $29.98 each

    Use the code in the colour and box size above.

    Once the present stock is sold out, there will be no more.  Order early!

    To Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.