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    Sheer Delights


    Organdy is a very light-weight, crisp, fabric with different degrees of transparency. Made with a plain weave from very tightly twisted single yarns, it is available in silk or cotton. The fabric wrinkles and crushes easily but wrinkles remove easily with an iron. It has crisp to stiff drape that may be gathered, pleated or shirred. The crispness is due to a starch finish that washes out or a permanent crispness due to the addition of chemicals in the case of the Heberlein Organdy. Uses include evening wear, curtains, interfacings, facings, bonnets, fussy children's wear, trims, collars, cuffs, artificial flowers, doll clothes, aprons, millinery, etc.Also excellent for machine embroidery and to create appliqués or cutwork. Organdy has a special crispness that no other fabric can duplicate.

    Heberlein Organdy

    This fine quality 100% Pima Cotton fabric is imported from Italy. This beautiful sheer fabric has a permanent crisp finish. It is very easy to sew and does not wrinkle like some of the organdies. It is great for machine embroidery and some designs do not need backing. It is hand washable, roll in a towel, hang to dry on a padded rack. It is easier to iron while slightly damp. 44"wide

    FHO-01 white only
    $26.98/yd       $29.60/m

    American Cotton Organdy

    This organdy has a crisper hand than the Heberlein organdy and is not as transparent. The crispness is from starch so some of its stiffness is lost with laundry but can be stiffened with spray starch. Popular with doll dressers. Very easy to sew and machine embroider. 45" wide

    FAO-01..... White only
    $15.00/yd       $16.45/m


     Link to Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

    English Cotton Netting (Bobbinette)

    This 100% cotton netting is great for machine lace making but don't stop there. It makes stunning overlays and insert panels in Christening gowns, Australian windowpane designs and other special occasion garments. It does shrink so be sure to pre-wash. Also for best results when making your own lace, I recommend Perfect Sew to stabilize it. 40-44" wide


    $44.98/yd.     $49.35/m

     Link to Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

    Silk Organza
    is a crisp, sheer, lightweight plain weave fabric. The stiffness comes from the natural gum that remains on the fibers after processing. Makes beautiful overskirts for bridal or christening gowns, wonderful for puff sleeves, or to use as an interlining to add shape. It can be used as an interfacing where you need some body but also sheerness. Wonderful for pinafores and special collars for little girls. Treat yourself to silk. The sheer fabrics do not scan very well but you know what white and ecru look like.  The pink is a beautiful soft pink.

    FSZ-01...white..56"wide.....$26.98/yd   $29.60/m" wide....$24.98/yd. $27.50/m

     Link to Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

    Silky Voile

    Silky voile is 100% Swiss Pima cotton. It is a soft sheer fabric in a plain weave that drapes and gathers very well. Smocks beautifully. Layer the white voile over colours for interesting effects. Great for nighties too.  White only 45"wide

    FSV-01...Price: $23.98/yd.

    Imperial Voile

    This poly/cotton blend is a little crisper than the silky voile but is still quite soft. It is great for shadowwork embroidery, for insets, for pinafores, etc. White only 44/45" wide

    FIV-01....... $12.98/yd.  $14.25/m

    Dotted Swiss Batiste

    This old fashioned woven Dotted Swiss brings back memories of childhood. This easy care 65%polyester/35% cotton blend makes beautiful accent panels, collars, cuffs, puffing strips and more. 44-45"wide.  White only

    Sold out

    Silk Check Organza

    This exquisite fabric is perfect to give your heirloom projects that special touch. Try in on pillows, as a pinafore, for accents, etc. White only.

    FH-02...... $29.98/yd  $32.98/m

    The sheer fabrics are very difficult to display. This image does not begin to look as wonderful as the real fabric.

     Link to Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.