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    Smocking Pleater Thread Caddies

    Ever had your thread get tangled when
    trying to pleat a piece of fabric or ever run out of thread?

    Ever had the needles dance across the table as you are trying to set up the pleater with the right number of needles?


    Problem solved with the

    The ComPleater Box

    This fine, hand-crafted wooden box
    makes pleating material a breeze. 

    Hand sanded and treated with a durable finish, this thread caddy will be protected to give years of service.

    The skid-free feet hold the caddy safely where placed.



    Prop the pleater up using the front pegs
    on the thread caddy
    and the needles don't fall out when you are
    setting up the machine.  Hurrah!!!

    Your caddy will hold a sufficient combination of large spools and bobbins of thread to match the number of needles.

    The thread is held right under your pleater for compact storage keeping your threads in an organized manner.

    Threads are held in place by the guide on their way to the needles allowing for the free flow of the thread off of the spools.

    Switch your pleater around and prop up the back of the pleater on the thread caddy

    This incline position allows you to view your material more easily, taking the stress off your neck and back as you are pleating.

    You can also pleat in the flat position if you prefer.


    The ComPleater Box comes with complete instructions including tips on thread preparation.

    Made in Canada

    There is a different thread caddy for each type and size of pleater. 
    Be sure to order the one to fit you pleater.

    I am sorry but the following pleater boxes are sold out and will
    not be available for a while due to a problem with the supplier.
    You can place an order and I will fill it as soon as they become available.

    S-Box-Read-16.............16 Row Read...................$89.00
    S-Box-Read-24.............24 Row Read...................$98.00
    S-Box-Read-32..........32 Row Read....................$122.00
    S-Box-Pullen.............16 row Pullen......................$89.00
    S-Box-Sally Stanley.....24 Row Sally Stanley.......$98.00

    S-Box-Amanda Jane....24 Row Amanda Jane......$98.00

    Another Style of Thread Caddy

    This product is a solid, hand-constructed, wooden box made in the USA, and designed for a pleater. Available to fit the Read 24 or the Read Maxi 24 row pleater.

    The top is designed to hold the pleater firmly in place without slipping, thus allowing free hand movement. Inside the box, rows are created to hold the spools of thread with thread guides to prevent tangling.

    An excellent addition to your smocking notions. You will never have to measure or guess how much thread to cut for a project again--and no more thread tangling.

    Read Pleater Box.....SP-BOX-Read.................$129.98 in stock

    To order go to the Secure Order Page and fill in the details
    Please remember there is a total minimum order of $10.00 before shipping and any taxes.