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    Rajmahal Art Silks

    Strong, lustrous, versatile thread

    You will love the gorgeous luster!

    Rajmahal Art Silks, made from viscose rayon, add elegance and luster to your needlework projects. Uses include smocking, embroidery, needlepoint, tassels, fringes, cross stitch, stumpwork, crewel work, petit point, goldwork, silk ribbon, hardanger, whitework, lace-making, braiding and absolutely exquisite bullion roses. The thread is strong so it may be used in the bobbin of your machine. Frequently used in projects in Embroidery and Cross Stitch magazine, and Australian Smocking and Embroidery as well as other embroidery magazines.

    Dry cleaning is best to maintain the luster of your embroidery but it can be washed gently. Always press embroidery from the wrong side on a towel--try to avoid the stitching area as much as possible--using a low temperature. There has been some changes in the pollution laws that prohibit the use of some agents used to set the dyes. This means that it is more difficult to set the dyes. If you do have a little bleeding, it will usually disappear if you rinse it well in cool water. A little bi-carb soda or vinegar helps in the final rinse to maintain the luster.

    There is nothing like the luster and beautiful colours from these threads. Made in Australia. 8 metre skeins, 6 strands.

    For tips on using these gorgeous threads click here.

    Link to Colour Chart for Rajmahal Art Silks

    TH-025 - Lagerfield Ink
    TH-029 - Charcoal
    TH-044 - Tangier Sand
    TH-045 - Baby Camel
    TH-065 - Laurel Green
    TH-090 - Winter White
    TH-091 - Wheat Gold
    TH-093 - Chardonnay
    TH-094 - Moroccan Gold
    TH-096 - White
    TH-101 - Jersey
    TH-104 - Cinnamon
    TH-111 - Dainty Lilac
    TH-113 - Purple Dusk
    TH-115 - Imperial Purple
    TH-121 - Bluebell
    TH-122 - Cossack Blue
    TH-126 - Royal Blue
    TH-131 - Aquamarine
    TH-133 - Turquoise Green

    TH-141 - Mango Green
    TH-144 - Persimmon
    TH-152 - Spring Leaf
    TH-161 - Alpine Spring
    TH-165 - Peacock Green
    TH-171 - Woodlands
    TH-173 - Bostan Tan
    TH-175 - Earth
    TH-181 - Gentle Magenta
    TH-184 - Vibrant Musk
    TH-200 - Barely Pink
    TH-201 - Blue Alabaster
    TH-202 - Petal Pink
    TH-211 - Hyacinth
    TH-221 - Pastel Grey
    TH-226 - Gothic Grey
    TH-231 - Apricot Cream
    TH-235 - Hot Orange
    TH-241 - Dusty Rose
    TH-243 - Grape

    TH-251- Sugar Melon
    TH-255 - Vermillion
    TH-256 - Hot Plum
    TH-261 - Citrus Sorbet
    TH-264 - Citron
    TH-311 - Fresco Oil
    TH-371 - Boticelli (flesh)
    TH-374 - Realgar Red
    TH-379 - Titan
    TH-421 - Green Earth
    TH-521 - Maidenhair
    TH-742 - Damask Rose
    TH-745 - Bordeaux
    TH-786 - Blue Heaven
    TH-788 - Perfect Blue
    TH-802 - Melaleuca
    TH-805 - Sassafras
    TH-841 - Gilded Bronze
    TH-926 - Verdigris
    TH-999 - Ecru

    Link to Colour Chart for Rajmahal Art Silks

    8m skein

    $2.75 per skein

    10 for $25.98

     Link to Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

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